Position Summary

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All of us at Harmony Gold are united by our values, ensuring that we measure, we measure up and we deliver.

Job description

Roles & Responsibilities
Ø Participate in Learning, demonstrate skills and be able to transfer those skills in the workplace.
Ø Enter into a relevant contract of learning
Ø Be able to communicate, give instructions and follow up on instructions given.
Ø Demonstrate progress towards achievement of the training outcomes.
Ø Comply with the relevant assessment requirements
Ø Follow a structured program, which contains on and off the job training.
Ø Be actively involved in personal development and drive own development.

Minimum requirements

Minimum Requirements:
Ø Must be 18-35 years of age
Ø Must be unemployed
Ø Grade 12 certificate
Ø Proof of attending a valid secondary school in Merafong area
Ø Proficient in English speaking
Ø Ability to pass an underground Certificate of Fitness
Ø Positive Security Screening (No fraud, theft or violence)
Ø Must be South African Citizen with valid proof of identity.
NB: All applications must have a clear certified copy of ID
Applications without certified copies will not be considered.
NB: Preference will be given to Regions in and around Merafong
Your application will be subjected to Medical screening, Security screening, address verification without creating the expectation of being a successful candidate.


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