1. Th s circular is issued interns of section 65 {1)of the Public Service Regulations, 2016 as amended
  2. The content of this circular must without delay be brought to the notice of all eligible applicants.
  3.  CLOSING DATE: 18 March 2022


Direct or hand deliver applications to the addresses as indicated below:•

For EThekwini North District The District Director Department of Social Development,Private Bag X1503 Durban, 4000 or hand deliver to: 214 Dr Pixley KaSeme Street, 81h  Floor Durban 4000. Attention:Mr MG Nzama.

For UMkhanyakude District: The District Director: Department of Social Development,P.0. Box 246; Mbazwana; 3974 or hand deliver to Ngwenya Properties;Sodwana Bay Road; Mbazwana; 3974. For Attention:Mr SS Mngomezulu.

For Zululand District: The District Director Department of Social Development, Private Bag X13 ULUNDI, 3838 or hand deliver to King Dinuzulu Highway.Administration Building, 2″° Floor,Zone 3,Ulundi,3838.Attention:Ms FN Ntombela

For Harry Gwala District: The District Director: Department of Social Development, Private Bag X1724,Pietermaritzburg: 3200 or hand deliver to 174 Mayors Walk Road,Pietermaritzburg 3201. For Attention: Ms TW Gazu.

For  UMgungundlovu District:  The   District  Director:  Department  of  Social  Development,   Private Bag  X1724, Pietermaritzburg: 3200 or hand deliver to 174 Mayors Walk Road, Pietermaritzburg 3201. For Attention:Mr PM Mpanza. For UMzinyathi District: The District Director: Department of Social Development, Private Bag X2057 Dundee,3000 or hand deliver to 50 Gray Street, Dundee, 3000. Attention:Mr CM Ndaba.

CLOSING DATE:18 March 2022

NOTE:Applications must be forwarded to relevant address. Applications must indicate the reference number of the post applied for and the Centre on new Z83 form obtainable from any Public Service Department and should be accompanied by a comprehensive CV,ID, qualifications and a valid driver’s license required by the post advertised. Required documents need not to be certified when applying for a post,only shortlisted candidates will be required to submit certified documents on or before the day of the interview following communication from HR. Applications who previously applied for this position should re-apply. Application forms Z83 (Application for employment) should be fully completed and signed by the applicant. Under no circumstances will faxed or e-mailed applications be accepted. The Department is an Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action employer. The employment is subject to signing of the employment contract and annual performance agreement. The successful candidates will be required to undergo security clearance and to disclose financial interests in accordance with relevant prescripts. Due to ongoing spread of COVID-19 Infections, where possible,Interviews and technical exercise will be conducted virtually. Failure to comply with any of the above instructions will result in immediate disqualification. If the applicant has not been contacted within three (3) months after the closing date must accept that his/her application was not successful.


CENTRE: Prophet Isaiah One Stop Development Centre-lnanda (3 posts) DSD01/02/2022PRO (EThekwini North District); Manyiseni One Stop Development Centre-lngwavuma (2 posts) OSD02/0212022MANY (uMkhanyakude District); Godlwayo One Stop Development Centre-Ophongolo (4 posts) DSD03102/2022GOOL (Zululand District); Nkunzana One Stop Development Centre-Nongoma  (1 post) DSD04102/2022NKUNZ (Zululand District; Msebe One Stop  Development Centre-Nongoma  (1 post) DSD05/02/2022MSEBE (Zululand District); Osuthu One  Stop Development Centre-Nongoma (1 post)  DSD06102120220SUTHU (Zululand District); Riverside One Stop Development Centre-Umzimkhulu (3 posts) DSD07/02/2022RIVER (Harry Gwala District); INkosi Mhlabunzima Maphumulo One Stop Centre- Mkhambathini (3 posts)  DSD08/02/20221NKOSIM (UMgungundlovu District); Emaswazini One Stop Development Centre- Landskop (3 posts) DSD09/02/2022EMASWA (UMgungundlovu District) ; INkosi Hlatshwayo One Stop Centre- Nondweni(Nquthu) (2 posts) DSD10/02/20221NKOSIH (UMzinyathi District); INkosi Molefe  One Stop Development Centre- Ezicole(Nquthu) (1post) DSD11/02/20221NKOSIM (UMzinyathi District);Msinga Top One Stop Development Centre-Tugela Ferry (2 posts)  DSD12/02/2022MSING (UMzinyathl District); Mkhuphula One  Stop Development Centre- Tugela Ferry (1 post) DSD13/02/2022MKHU (uMzinyathi District); Emachunwini One Stop Development Centre  (2  posts)· Emhlangano (Tugela Ferry)  DSD14/02/2022EMA (UMzinyathi District); INkosi Mbongeleni One Stop Development Centre (1post)- Engome (Greytown) DSD15/02/2022MKHU (uMzinyathi District)

REQUIREMENTS:Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work; Registration with the South African Councillor Social Service Professions as a Social Worker;A valid driver’s license; Proof of current registration with the South African Council for Social Services Profession as a Social Worker. Knowledge: Public Service Act and Regulations, Batho-Pele Principles , Knowledge and understanding of human behavior and social systems • The ability and competence to assist , develop , advocate for and empower individuals ,families, groups ,organizations and communities to enhance their problem solving capabilities; The ability to promote ,restore ,maintain ,advocate for ,and enhance functioning of individuals ,families ,groups and communities by enabling them to accomplish tasks , prevent and alleviate distress and use resources effectively; The understanding and ability to provide social services towards protecting people who are vulnerable ,at risk and unable to protect themselves . Advantage: Experience in rendering professional care and support to victims of Gender Base Violence and femicide. Skills: Computer literacy, Planning and organizing,communication (written, verbal and liaison),interpersonal, Business ethics and Analytical, problem solving, report writing, time management , presentation, facilitation, language, numeracy and driving.


DUTIES: Render a social service with regard to the care, support,protection and development of vulnerable individual, groups, families and communities through the relevant programs; Support lower level employees such as Social Auxilary Workers, Community Care Givers and Student Social Workers; Keep up to date with new developments in the social work and social welfare fields of probation services; Perform all administrative functions required of the job.


Mrs RM Ntombela (EThekwini North District) 031 336 8776

Mr BM Gumede (UMkhanyakude District) 035 5711000

Mrs SH Mfeka (Zululand District) 035 874 85006

Mrs SM Slkhakhane (Harry Gwala District) 039 259 7034

Mr ST Mphuthi (UMgungundlovu District) 033 341 7906

Ms B Mchunu (UMzinyathi District) 034 299 7577



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