The preferred date of assumption of duty is 01 October 2022, unless another date of assumption of duty is mutually agreed upon by all relevant parties.
Hand delivered applications will be received until Friday, 10 June 2022 at 16:00. No hand delivered applications will be received after the aforementioned date and time. Posted applications will only be accepted if they reach the District Office by Wednesday 15 June 2022 (NO EXCEPTION), and the postal mark indicates that the application was posted on or before the closing date of 10 June 2022.



Application Form
▪ Complete and submit separate NEW FORM (Z83) in respect of each post applied for. Failure to use the new form will result in disqualification. This FORM is obtainable from any Public Service Department.
▪ Take note of the following with regards to the new Z83 Form (DPSA Circular 19 of 2022):
o Part A: all fields must be completed in full
o Part B: all fields must be completed in full except when:
– Passport number: South African applicants need not provide
– It is acceptable to respond with a “Not applicable” or leave blank for the question “Are you conducting business with the State or are you a Director of a Public or Private company conducting business with the State?” in the event that you are employed in the public service, will you immediately relinquish such business interests?”
o “if your profession or occupation requires official registration, provide date and particulars of registration” – Some applicants may not be in possession of such therefore it is acceptable if left blank or if not applicable is indicated.Part C: All fields must be completed
o Part D: All fields must be completed
o Part E, F & G: Noting that there is limited space “refer to CV or see attached” is acceptable as long as it provides the required information”. If the information is not provided in the CV, the applicant may be disqualified. The questions related to condition that prevent re-appointment under Part F must be answered.
▪ A unique post number shall be allocated to all advertised post. The post number shall begin with the abbreviation for the relevant district and contains a unique number e.g., EN22PS1001
▪ The unique number shall always be 10 characters and must be completed in full.
▪ Please ensure that the signature on the application form is original – photocopied signatures will be disqualified, and all pages must be initialled, noting the importance of the declaration.
▪ No faxed or e-mailed applications will be accepted.



STIPEND: R10 369.50 per month
CLOSING DATE: 15 June 2022

Applicants should have minimum of Grade 12 Certificate.

One (1) year experience in working with Special needs children/kids.



• Supervise learners in the classroom and provide educator/learner support.
• Assist learners with meals and toileting
• Assist learners with accessing therapeutic and medical treatment offered at the school
• Supervise learners during breaks, on excursion, outdoor sporting/cultural activities, in vehicles to and from school
• Support learners in group and individual activities, i.e., after care
• Support learners in the usage of supportive devices, e.g., wheelchairs, hearing aids etc.
• Assist with the safe keeping of learners medication


The GDE has set the above targets to assist the SGB in addressing the under-representation. The interview committee, therefore, has a responsibility to assist the GDE in meeting the set targets.


Sifting will be done by the advertising District: THRS – HRP unit.
Applications which do not meet the following criteria will be disqualified:
• Correct NEW Z83 application form
• Z83 all pages must be initialled
• Completed Part A to D and F of Z83
• Part E & G if not completed CV must be attached
• Original signed Z83
• Correct post number (10 characters e.g. (EN22PS1001)
• Minimum years of experience (where applicable)
• Relevant qualification (where applicable)
• Late submission


Shortlisting and Interviewing will be done in terms of relevant guidelines, as agreed by all parties.
Appointments are subject to confirmation by the Department, therefore no assumption of duty before receipt of an official appointment letter.

According to the Public Service Regulation (PSR), Part VII, Paragraph D.8 (a): “Before making a decision on an appointment or filling of a post, an executing authority must:
Satisfy herself or himself that the candidate qualifies in all respect for the post and that her or his claims in her or his application for the post have been verified according to the Implementation of the National Vetting Strategy in the Public Service: Circular 14/1/1/P dated 23/11/07”.
(a) Citizenship verifications
(b) Financial/asset record checks
(c) Qualifications/Study verification; and
(d) Previous employment verification (Reference checks)
(e) Criminal Check




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