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Did you know?  From a test bank with more than 1200 questions, you will randomly receive 30 questions on rules of the road, 30 questions on road traffic signs (signs, signals & markings) and 8 questions on vehicle controls.  You have to individually score 22/30 for rules of the road, 23/30 for road traffic signs and 6/8 for vehicle controls, to pass the test.  Failing any of the above categories, will result in failing the entire test.

1)  Department of Transport:  Learner’s Licence Manual

If your Learner’s Licence test will be done on computer (which many testing stations around the country do) it’s really important that you use the Department of Transport’s Learner’s Licence Manual, and not only a K53 Learner’s License book (obtainable from shops like CNA, etc), as there are many new questions in the computerized test that are derived from this manual and you won’t find them in any of the other books.


Please note that this manual have some typing errors (often the wrong description for an image, etc.) and it would be a good idea to compare to a K53 Learner’s License book.  This is unfortunately the only version (a draft version) that the Department of Transport has issued to date.

Click on the links below to download each section of the manual.

Rules Of The Road PDF

Road Traffic Signs PDF (Road Signs, Traffic Signals & Road Markings)

Road Traffic Signs Chart

Road Markings Additional PDF

Vehicle Controls PDF


2)  K53 Learner’s Licence Books

Various K53 Learner’s Licence books can be purchased from leading stationery shops like CNA, or online from loot.co.za, takealot.com, etc.  These books are great for preparing for the Learner’s License test but should be used in combination with the Department of Transport’s Learner’s Licence Manual if you are going to do the computerized test.  There are many questions in the test that come from the Department’s manual, that does not form part of the contents in the books available in shops.

3)  K53 Learner’s Licence Online Practice Tests

Use our comprehensive K53 Learner’s License online practice test papers to test your knowledge on road traffic signs, traffic signals, road markings, rules of the road and vehicle controls. Be 100% ready for your exam at the traffic department.

Registration and payment to access practice tests: https://www.testprep.co.za/register/

Practice test papers: https://www.testprep.co.za/learners-licence-practice-tests/



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