Nedbank YES Programme

Nedbank has said YES to creating youth employment opportunities, building communities and transforming South Africa.

What is the YES Programme?
The YES (Youth Employment Service) Programme is a business-led collaboration with government to reduce unemployment by providing youth with an opportunity to develop new skills and gain meaningful workplace experience, which in turn will significantly improve their chances of finding long-term future employment.

Who can apply for the Nedbank YES Programme?
South African youth who:

•are between 18 and 29 years old;
•have a matric qualification;
•are currently unemployed;
•are South African-born African, Coloured or Indian citizens in line with the BBBEE Act definition of ‘black people’; and
have not participated in a YES Programme with another organisation before.

How long will Nedbank YES youth be employed for and when will the programme start?
Nedbank YES youth will be employed for 12 months to gain quality work experience.
The YES Programme is not a learnership, internship or apprenticeship programme.
The programme is earmarked to start on 1 May 2023.

How much will Nedbank YES youth earn?
Nedbank YES youth will receive a monthly stipend guided by the YES Programme.
A stipend is monetary support to help an individual pay for living, food and travel-related expenses.

Where will the Nedbank YES Programme work experience take place?
The Nedbank quality work experience programme will be based at Nedbank’s various sites, branches and offices across the country, with some positions allowing for the possibility of working in terms of a hybrid or remote model. 
Depending on the division, role and job requirement, Nedbank YES youth may be required to work weekdays and/or according to a shift schedule, which may include weekends and public holidays. This means that YES youth will need to be able to travel to and from the workplace.