CV Registration On Matric Exam Markers/Exam Assistants Job Database

CV Registration On Matric Exam Markers/Exam Assistants Job Database: Exam Markers and Exam Assistants are very important in the marking of Matric Exams, which are done under very strict and confidential conditions in marking centres.

Each year, the Education Department appoints markers and exam assistants following security verifications, for instance background checks and competency tests.


What Are The Minimum Requirements Of Being An Exam Marker Or Exam Assistant?
Being a Grade 12 exam marker or an exam assistant requires one to be competent, a team player, have no criminal record and not have a family member who is writing any of the subjects that the applicant will be marking.

Furthermore, the applicant must be a person of integrity, and uphold high standards of morals. This is to ensure that the marker will not remove any screets or take pictures, which is strictly forbidden.

Apart from that, Exam Markers must be in possession of a post-matric qualification in Education, and must be former educators or be currently teaching any of the subjects that they intend to mark in High School.


On the other hand, examination assistants must have Grade 12, be a tertiary student or an unemployed graduate. They must be available every day for the marking session, and must be able to work under extreme pressure with tight deadlines.

Numerical skills are often an added advantage. Therefore applicants have higher chances of being considered for the role of exam assistants when they passed Mathematics or/and Accounting.

What Are The Duties And Responsibilities Of A Marker?
Before you apply to be either a marker or an exam assistant, you need to note that you may be based at either the department’s head office or a marking centre, and the duties, depending on where you are deployed, are different.


Head Office Markers:
Receive answer sheets, check, control, scan and pack scripts for marking on a daily basis. When scripts return from the marking centre, you must index the archival of scripts.

Furthermore, you need to ensure that the correct number of scripts and marksheets are received and packed for the correct marking centre.

This is done by creating a marking centre file of all scripts that need to be dispatched for each centre. Once returned, the scripts must be archived for easy retrieval.

Marking Centre:
Markers must receive scripts, and distribute them to marking teams, i.e exam assistants. Thereafter, they must ensure that all questions are marked, and that the marks have been added correctly and the total added and displayed on the front cover of the script.


How Much Do Markers Get Paid?
Firstly, markers receive a travelling allowance. This is to ensure that they always get to the marking centre or head office, wherever they are based at.

Depending on which province they are based, markers are paid a minimum of 12 187 – R13 125 per month.

How To Apply For The Markers or Examimation Assistant Positions:
In most cases, examination assistants applications are open between February to April for the half-yearly examinations, and again in July for the National Senior Certificate exams (final exams).


However, Markers in Gauteng may register their CVs on the database so they can be considered for the role for an upcoming marking exam session.

This is done through Pay Marker, which is a web-based application that has partnered with the Gauteng Department of Education. With Pay Marker, applicants can be shortlisted, appointed and paid by the Education Department.

Other Provinces may go to the government e-recruitment to check if applications for the role are open.

Apply For Exam Marker Positions By Registering Your CV



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