Foundation Phase: Educator / Classroom Assistants 2024

Isasa invites individuals who have leadership skills and have passionate for teaching to apply for Educator Assistant positions.


The successful candidate will be responsible for teaching pre-primary school learners, assisting to build young minds to achieve good academic results. They will ensure that learners improve their reading and writing vocabularies.


Job Title: Assistant Teacher

Salary: Not Stated

Foundation Phase – Educator Assistants 2024 – Assistant

Minimum Requirements:

High school certificate/ grade 12
Over 2 years experience working at a nursery or a primary set up
Ability to lead a Classroom Independently

Experience and understanding of Cambridge curriculum objectives would be an advantage
Able to work within a team depending on the environment and collaborate with other teachers
Ability to use technology for instruction


Duties And Responsibilities

Set ambitious and rigorous goals for learners
Conduct ongoing assessment of student progress
Use assessment data to adjust instructional content and delivery techniques accordingly



Attend weekly meetings with deans and learning designers to format a new teaching practices
Fully participate in opportunities for professional growth including daily team meetings and reflections
Communicate with parents technologically or directly when the is parent-teacher conferences
Participate in co-curricular programming for at least one activity in the course of a term
Participate in a variety of collaborative teams and committees, fulfill supervision duties as assigned

About You


Skills and Qualifications required:

  • High School/ ECO Certificate /or Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) – Ideal
  • Over 2 years of professional experience working a nursery school or pre primary primary setting
  • Experience and/or understanding of Cambridge curriculum objectives would be an advantage
  • Ability to lead a classroom independently, with professional experience in a classroom


Key attributes to succeed in the role:

  • You love teaching and care deeply about the success of each and every student
  • You have an understanding of and passion for enquiry based, student-centered learning
  • You have a deep understanding of children and you know how to connect with the specific age group that you teach
  • You are deeply committed to your development as a teacher and welcome constructive feedback, translating feedback into improvements and innovations in your approach and in your classroom
  • You are able to work within a team-based environment and collaborate with other resident teachers, apprentice teachers and deans
  • You communicate openly and effectively with your colleagues
  • You are adept at using technology for instruction


Additional Requirements:

  • You are adept at using technology for instruction
  • You communicate openly and effectively with your colleagues


Closing Date: 31 December 2023





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