Dynamic DNA is one of the leading institutions that offer IT Learnerships and Business Learnerships in South Africa. Our Learnerships offer adaptive minds the ability to pursue a career in the information, communication, and technology sector, with a focus on up-skilling and facilitating workplace placement for each of our graduates.



In addition to providing technical skills, our learners will receive practical and soft skills needed to boost their employment dreams, such as; communication skills, work etiquette, time management, presentation skills, and much more

Dynamic DNA graduates can build innovative solutions across multiple technologies, both in the workplace as well as through virtual applications like the cloud.

When you join us, you will learn the skills that help you design and build agile applications in a complex business environment making you a valuable asset to the ever-growing workforce.


About Us

Dynamic DNA is an ICT training Academy accredited with the MICT SETA, providing Scarce Skills IT training through blended learning (theory and practical) to develop locally-based skilled technology professionals with a specialized focus on the 4IR specialities. Dynamic DNA’s purpose is bridging the gap between companies that require expert technology professionals, and young learners with the aptitude and ability to step into these positions.


Learnerships are work-based training programmes that lead to a nationally recognised qualification. They are designed to equip learners with practical skills that are necessary for a specific career. Learnerships provide learners with the opportunity to work in an actual work environment and gain real-world experience while receiving theoretical training. Employers and industry organisations work together to design learnerships that meet the needs of specific industries and professions.


Learnerships are beneficial to both employers and learners. Employers can develop the skills of their employees according to their specific business needs. Learners, on the other hand, are able to acquire practical experience, theoretical knowledge, and a qualification that is recognised by employers in the relevant industry. Learnerships also provide learners with a significant advantage when they are looking for employment, as they have gained the necessary skills and experience needed for the job.




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