General Assistant at Aspen Holdings


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Prepare, clean, and inspect work areas and equipment.

Handle and stage raw materials.

Sample work area(s) and equipment for contamination.

Sanitize drains and pipes to avoid contamination.

Related administrative tasks



Operational Support

Execute production activities within established policies, practices, and guidelines, as well as established quality and safety standards.

Optimize own work processes.

Identify gaps in current policies and procedures.

Facilitate implementation of processes in own area of work.


Inspections & Verifications

Perform visual inspections of production area(s) and equipment.

Perform pre-production checks such as environmental checks, scale checks, and equipment pre-checks as per BMR, SOP and product specifications.

Verify scale and measuring equipment performance.


Material Handling

Dispense, transfer, weigh and collect raw materials for processing.

Ensure raw materials are staged for processing, in line with requirements.


Production Preparation

Set up the room and IBCs for production activities.

Prepare solutions for production activities as per SOP.


Routine Support Tasks

Clean work area(s) and equipment before and after processing of materials as per SOP and cleaning checklist

Perform routine equipment checks and transfer of equipment.

Collect samples of production area and equipment for testing

Control contamination in area by flushing drains and pipes.

Assist with sorting of defected products and discard/ minimize waste.

Provide information to assist with campaign preparation.

Identify and report on operational problems out of specification.


Reporting & Record Keeping

Complete batch record labels

Complete Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) sheets

Perform half-hourly inspections of production area(s)

Attend shift meetings.

Provide information for completion of reports.

Complete and consolidate standard documents.

Maintain and update records and systems as required.


Skills Required


National Certification (N4) / Matric with 0-2 years’ related experience

Manufacturing experience would be an advantage.


Specific job skills

Basic technical knowledge of pharmaceutical production processes, procedures, systems, and equipment.

Basic understanding of pharmaceutical standards and compliance requirements



Finalizing outputs

Following procedures

Taking action

Information gathering


Work Level


Job Type



Market Related

EE Position





Port Elizabeth



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