The following vacancy exists at NSFAS: Position Senior Software Developer (X2) Type & Grade Permanent, D1
Vacancy No 10 of 2024/25

Department & Unit ICT System Support and Digital Development


The main purpose of the job is to design, develop (coding, unit testing, implementing software
enhancements, 3rd level support) software applications and to build different layers of the
infrastructure according to business needs.

Policy, Systems & Procedure Development
• Analyse existing system to identify areas for improvement.
• Design infrastructure/deployment strategies of the application.
Job Specification & Recruiting Profile of Vacancy
• Conduct code reviews of colleagues’ work.
• Analyze and translate requirements created by business analysts into a solution architecture.
• Review and grade applications against design standards and principles.
• Ensure that logs are maintained to determine what component of the system is failing and the
cause(s) thereof.
• Release the systems to the testing team.
• Provide testable, scalable, and efficient systems.
• Analyze existing system to identify areas for improvement.
• Design infrastructure/deployment strategies of the application.
• Conduct code reviews of colleagues’ work.
• Analyze and translate requirements created by business analysts into a solution architecture.
• Review and grade applications against design standards and principles.
• Ensure that logs are maintained to determine what component of the system is failing and the
cause(s) thereof.


• Release the systems to the testing team.
• Provide testable, scalable, and efficient systems.
• Maintain software quality standards and best practice principles.
• Design java applications and code that meet business requirements with appropriate functional
and non-functional requirements.
• Develop java applications and code used by the student center model.
• Delivery of software development in compliance with an SDLC process.
• Ensure all code produced has unit and integration tests and are functional.
• Participate in design session and ensure code has been reviewed before it moves to the release branch.


• See to it that the code produced goes to production and works as expected.
• Ensure adequate logging at correct log levels.
• Adhere to stipulated coding standards and best practice.
• Ensure OWASP secure coding standards are adhered to and applied.
• Ensure code produced does not break any build or introduce priority 1 incidents.
Core Strategic & Operational Objectives Development
• Maintain efficiency of Java applications and code.
• Ensure the best possible performance, quality and responsiveness of the applications.
• Identify bottlenecks and bugs.
• Create solutions to these bottlenecks and bugs.
• Help maintain code quality, organisation, and automatization.
• Continuously evolve the current systems and architecture landscape including the proactive
management of technical debt.

• Resolve reported production incidents in stipulated timelines.
• Improve code quality and security where flaws have picked up.
• Identify an appropriate communication channel to share requests with 3rd parties.
• Suggest the appropriate communication channel to the infrastructure team to communicate with
3rd parties.
• Agree with the 3rd party on a suitable request and response structure.
• Identify where the current system is lagging.
• Ensure that the system meets all business requirements.
• Ensure that all standard design factors are maintained.
• Identify which components of the system are missing to meet business needs.
• Identify server requirements to determine which server would be suitable to run the application
depending on its load.
• Analyse the logs on the system and on the servers to see why a certain operation/function has
not been actioned.

• Determine why the system crashed.
• Place issue in backlog for resolution.
• Refer important issues to the testing or infrastructure team.
People Management & Ethical Leadership
• Commit to the performance contracting and review process in a timely manner.
• Abide by the NSFAS Code of Conduct. Standards of behaviour and ethical principles that all NSFAS employees must adhere to, in order to maintain the integrity and reputation of the Organization
• Familiarize with the code and ensure that their actions and behaviour are in line with its principles at all times.
• Maintaining confidentiality, avoiding conflicts of interest, and treating colleagues and
stakeholders with respect and professionalism
Stakeholder Management & Relationships
• Ensure effective communication and smooth operation of activities. Software development
team point of contact for project resources, consultants, service providers, responding to
queries and complaints, and providing necessary information to stakeholders.


• Responsible for disseminating relevant information to stakeholders such as technical
documentation, applications architecture, technical understanding of applications/systems to
enable knowledge sharing. Communicating updates, changes, and other important information
related to systems or applications, ensuring that stakeholders are informed and up to date.
• Provide input towards internal audits for the unit and work with the auditor general when
needed. Ensuring that all records, processes, and procedures are accurate, up-to-date, and
compliant with internal policies and external regulations.
• Participate in NSFAS wide service delivery efforts through partnership, engagement,
collaboration, and seeking and sharing of information as required. Collaborating with other
departments and stakeholders to improve service delivery, seeking feedback, and sharing
relevant information to improve overall organizational performance.
• Attend to and resolve internal client requests. Ensuring that all requests are logged, prioritized,
and responded to in a timely and effective manner, keeping management informed of
• Engage with colleagues using team dynamics, strong interpersonal skills, be able to work
collaboratively with colleagues, and foster a positive and productive work environment.
• Be active listener, providing constructive feedback, and working towards common goals.


Project Management & Leadership
• Support the Project Manager with all the internal and external ICT related projects in the unit.
• Ensuring compliance with the implementation of project requirements
• Ensure communication among project team regarding ICT projects.
• Participate in regular project meetings, gather information as required and lead the process
regarding software development and participate in internal/external audits if needed.
• Support the project team and aid to ensure that projects are adhered to. Work closely with other
team members to ensure that compliance is maintained.
• Ability to effectively communicate with stakeholders, ensuring that all relevant information is
disseminated promptly and accurately. Demonstrate strong software development skills to
enable project execution and other project-related documentation.
Compliance Monitoring & Evaluation
• Assist in formal submissions of documents to the unit, timely and in compliance with legal or
process requirements.
• Identify potential risks and implement appropriate risk management strategies.
• Stay up to date with ICT Governance legislative compliance requirements and ensure that all
policies and procedures are adhered to accordingly.


Information & Knowledge Management
• Conducting research and analysis to identify the information and data requirements of the ICT
department and the talent acquisition team.
• Collaborating with ICT team members and talent acquisition team members to understand their
data and information needs and requirements.
• Identifying and evaluating various software tools and systems that can be used to store,
manage, and analyse data and information related to talent acquisition.
• Coordinating with the ICT team to implement and configure the selected software tools and
Reporting & Accountability
• Organizing and maintaining accurate records: responsible for keeping track of schedules,
appointments, and deadlines. Creating and maintaining a filing system for documents, reports,
and other important information.


• Preparing reports prepare reports on a regular basis. This could include tracking expenses,
monitoring progress on projects, and analysing data.
• Communicating effectively: communicating with multiple stakeholders, such as the executive
you are supporting, other team members, and external partners. It is important to be able to
communicate clearly and professionally, both verbally and in writing.
• Managing budgets: responsible for managing budgets and ensuring that expenses are within
budget. This requires keeping track of expenses and reconciling accounts.
• Monitoring progress on tasks and projects: It is important to keep track of tasks and projects,
including deadlines and progress updates. Ensure that everything is on track and that deadlines
are met.
• Providing feedback and suggestions for improvement: have a unique perspective on the
organization and may be able to identify areas where improvements can be made. Providing
feedback and suggestions for improvement can help to make the organization more efficient and


Minimum requirements:
• NQF Level 6 in Information technology, Computer science or other relevant qualification.
• 8 years’ experience in a similar role, including systems designs.
• 8 years’ experience with Java developer
• Experienced in Spring boot.
• Experienced in agile methodology.
• Knowledge of software development design patterns
• Expertise developing enterprise-level web applications and RESTful APIs using Microservices,
with demonstratable production-scale experience.
• Experience in Industry standard protocols related API security including Oauth
• Demonstrate strong design and programming skills using JSON, Web services, XML, XSLT,
SQL in Unix and windows environments.


• 10 years’ experience in a similar, including systems designs.
• Experience in GIT/SVN, Swagger, Rabbit MQ
• Experience in creating unit test using Junit, Mockito or Power mock.
• Good knowledge of Microservices
• Experience working with tools like Git, Maven
• Experience with J2EE Web development, Eclipse/ STS.SVN/ Rest web services, JPA/Hibernate
• Experience in markup language such as JSON and XML

• Experience on using Quality and Security tools such as Sonar Cube
Computer skills required:
• MS Word – Intermediate
• MS Excel – Intermediate
• MS Power Point – Intermediate
• MS Outlook – Intermediate
• Code writing software – Advanced.


Skill and Competencies:
• Problem-solving skills
• Planning skills
• Organising skills
• Communication skills
• Report writing skills.
• Analytical thinking
• Critical thinking skills
• Team-work skills

Remuneration Package: R 864 336 – R 1 018 155 per annum
Total Cost to Company per annum inclusive of all benefits and company contributions

Closing date: 03 May 2024




Interested applicants must complete and submit an Employment Application Form available on the
NSFAS website. The form must be supported by a detailed Curriculum Vitae which includes amongst
other things the vacancy name/position title you are responding to, copies of academic qualifications,
Identity Document, and names of three contactable referees. The response must be addressed to the
attention of Ms. Thokozile Mnikina via the following email address:
Please note the following contact details are for enquiries about JOB CONTENT ONLY and NOT for
application purposes.

For Enquiries please contact: Email:
The NSFAS does not consider late applications. The NSFAS talent acquisition team only corresponds
with shortlisted Candidates. Should you not hear from the NSFAS talent acquisition team within 2
months from the closing date, please consider your application unsuccessful.
** NSFAS committed to employment equity. Preference will be given to candidates who improve
employment equity considerations **
“NSFAS is committed to providing equal opportunities and practicing affirmative action employment. It is our intention to promote representivity (race, gender, disability) in the organisation through filling of this position and candidates whose appointment will promote representivity will receive preference.



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