1. UJ certificate

2. Teach English Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate

3. Early Childhood Development (ECD) certificate



All students and staff at the University of Johannesburg can now enroll for the following free
online short learning programmes:
(1) African Insights: an introduction to the intellectual traditions and debates in Africa.
(2) Artificial Intelligence in the 4IR: an introduction to artificial intelligence (AI), its applications,
and its implications for society and the future of work in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
(3) Introduction to the Sustainable Development Goals: an introduction to the United Nation’s
seventeen Sustainable Development Goals.
(4) Financial Literacy: about effective strategies to manage your money and make sound financial


A digital certificate will be issued on successful completion which may be viewed and shared with
third parties or possible employers through the UJ Digital Certificate platform. For currently-
registered UJ students, this achievement will also appear on your academic record. The
programmes are exciting, stimulating and relevant.


1. Log in to uLink:
– For students, use your student number to sign in.
– For staff members, use your username to sign in.
2. Go to ‘Online Courses’ on the homepage.
3. Explore the courses.
4. Register for a specific course by clicking on ‘register’ at the bottom of the page.
5. Await an email from uLink which will provide instructions on how to access the course.


All first-year undergraduate students at the University of Johannesburg are expected to complete ONE of the following short learning programmes during the period of the formal undergraduate programme for which they are registered:

  1. African Insights
  2. Artificial Intelligence in the 4IR

There are a further two non-credit bearing courses that is available free of charge for any UJ student to complete:

  1. Introduction to the Sustainable Development Goals
  2. Financial Literacy – Be Money Wise

The programmes are free and fully online. A digital certificate will be issued on successful completion which may be viewed and shared with third parties or possible employers through the UJ Digital Certificate platform. For currently-registered UJ students, this achievement will also appear on your academic record. These programmes are exciting, stimulating and relevant.



Artificial Intelligence in the 4IR: African Insights:
Financial Literacy: Introduction to the SDGs:





Teacher Record

TeacherRecord, owned by ShenZhen Federated Database Education Technology Co., Ltd., provides an extensive resource for online ESL jobs.

As a big recruitment league for foreign language teaching, we have gathered together lots of verified school members which are foreign language schools and training institutions.

As a large foreign language teachers’ career information base, we have attracted a great number of high-quality applicants from English-speaking countries.


We are dedicated to a convenient job application, an efficient resume screening, a one-step interview with quick responses and an all-time link between applicants and recruiters.

As you can see, it is your own TeacherRecord!

Program for referring schools/companies around you:

Join the Referral program for referring schools/companies around you to use TR Job board.

Want to get the referral bonus? Click here to learn about this program!


Features of 120-Hour TEFL-TeacherRecord

  • Internationally recognized
  • Fully online! Study online anytime and anywhere
  • 12-month access to online campus (No restrict of time to start course)
  • 100 percent at no charge and permanently valid
  • Help in finding TEFL Jobs online and abroad



Course Entry Requirements for 120-Hour TEFL Certificate

  • Ability to communicate clearly and fluently in English
  • Nationality of a native country not required
  • University degrees not required


Introduction of 120-Hour TEFL Course

  • 120-Hour certificates can be legalized, notarized and / or apostilled for international visa application purposes (including for China). On successful completion of the course, you will be qualified to teach English internationally. We offer you the opportunity to specialize in your chosen field of teaching English.
  • The aim of 120-Hour TEFL Course is designed to cover every aspect of teaching English from planning your first lesson to applying for your firstJob abroad
  • Your Certificate will be issued instantly after you complete your course online.

How should I start the course?



Course breakdown

  • Lessons planning
  • Teaching Receptive skill: Listening and Reading
  • Productive Skills: Speaking and Writing
  • Teaching English Grammar
  • Classroom Survival Tips
  • Teaching children



What will my certificate look like?

Click image to view a sample certificate.




3.FREE Online Course and get Certificate for Daycare and Pre-school


Welcome to PLAY and the Powerful Learning Around You!

We’re training 150 000 Early Childhood Development (ECD) practitioners, Grade R & Foundation Phase educators across South Africa on play-based learning.

PLAY is a FREE in-service training course that complements existing and formal training. It is not intended to replace educational training but qualifies the participant for the 15 CPD credits as set out by the South African Council for Educators in terms of section 5(b) of the South African Council for Educators Act 31 of 2000.

You complete the training at your own pace and during times that work best for you. The course only requires 2 dedicated hours a week from you.

How the programme works:

  1. The course starts immediately after you Register on this site. You will also have the opportunity to book for a support workshop if you experience any difficulties.
  2. All of the training happens right here on this platform. You will be guided to complete a series of sessions for each of the course options. The courses are designed for practitioners, teachers, childminders, day mothers, playgroup facilitators or anyone who implements programmes for babies and young children in South Africa.
  3. The course sessions include videos, images, reading, tasks, evaluation and reflection activities.
  4. After every completed session, you will receive an email with more PLAY ideas and helpful resources.
  5. You will receive a certificate after completing the training course with credits.




PLAY is a partnership between the Department of Basic Education, UNICEF, Cotlands and the LEGO Foundation.

About Cotlands

Cotlands is a non-profit early childhood development organisation addressing the education and social crisis by establishing early learning playgroups and toy libraries in under-resourced communities to serve vulnerable children aged birth to six.  For more information about Cotlands visit:



About the Department of Basic Education

The Department of Basic Education deals with all schools from Grade R to Grade 12, including adult literacy programmes. The aim of the Department of Basic Education is to develop, maintain and support a South African school education system for the 21st century. The Department of Basic Education aims to improve early childhood development through the improvement of the quality of early childhood development and universalise access to Grade R. For more information about the Department of Basic Education visit:


About Unicef

UNICEF promotes the rights and well-being of every child, in everything we do. Together with our partners, we work in 190 countries and territories to translate that commitment into practical action, focusing special effort on reaching the most vulnerable and excluded children, to the benefit of all children, everywhere. For more information about UNICEF South Africa and its work visit:



About The Lego Foundation

The LEGO Foundation shares the mission of the LEGO Group: to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow. The Foundation is dedicated to building a future where learning through play empowers children to become creative, engaged, lifelong learners. Its work is about re-defining play and re-imagining learning. In collaboration with thought leaders, influencers, educators and parents the LEGO Foundation aims to equip, inspire and activate champions for play. For more information about The LEGO Foundation visit:



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