Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA) invites Suitable Applicants to apply for Internship Programme 2022 in Pretoria, Gauteng. The mission of the Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA) is to establish norms and standards to ensure that the state machinery functions optimally, and that such norms and standards are adhered to; implement interventions to maintain a compliant and functioning public service; promote an ethical public service through programmes, systems, frameworks and structures that detect, prevent and combat corruption; and contribute towards improved public administration in Africa and internationally through dialogue and sharing of best practices. Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA) invites applicants to apply for 12 months Graduate / Internship Programme 2022. The Department Of Public Service and Administration is offering Internship opportunities to unemployed graduates to apply in the fields that are in line with the department’s core business. The department is therefore inviting applications for the Internship Programme that will run for a maximum period of 12 months in the following disciplines/fields of study.

Minimum Requirements: All applicants must be South African citizens. Must be between the ages of 18-35 years. Currently unemployed graduates. Must have never participated in an Internship programme before.

The following Internship Opportunities are open for applications: Ministry Interns. Ref No: DEVP/01/21/23

• National Diploma/B-Degree in: Public Administration Office of Deputy Minister Interns. Ref No: DEVP/02/21/23

• B-Degree in Law/LLB Office of the Director General Interns. Ref No: DEVP/03/21/23

National Diploma/ B- Degree in:

• Public Administration

• Office Administration Office of the Standards Compliance Interns. Ref No:DEVP/04/21/23

National Diploma/B-Degree in: • Information Systems

• Information Management

• Statistics Office of the Technical Assistance Unit Interns. Ref No: DEVP/05/21/23

National Diploma /B-Degree in:

• Social Sciences

• Public Administration Supply Chain Management Interns. Ref No: DEVP/06/21/23

National Diploma/B-Degree in:

• Financial Management

• Procurement

• Logistics Management

• or related field of study Legal Services Interns. Ref No: DEVP/07/21/23

• LLB Degree or equivalent degree in law ICT Management Support Interns. Ref No: DEVP/08/21/23

National Diploma/B-Degree in:

• Software Development

• or related field of study Communications Interns. Ref No: DEVP/09/21/23

National Diploma/B-Degree in:

• Internet and Social Media

• Marketing

• Film and Video Technology

• or related field of study Workplace Environment Management Interns Ref No: DEVP/10/21/23

• National Diploma/B-Degree in: Environmental Health and Safety or related field of study Human Resource Planning, Employment & Performance Management Interns. Ref No: DEVP/11/21/23

• National Diploma/B-Degree in: Human Resource Management Leadership Development Interns. Ref No: DEVP/12/21/23

• National Diploma/B-Degree in: Management Development Remuneration Management Interns. Ref No: DEVP/13/21/23 National Diploma/B-Degree in:

• Economics,

• Human Resource Management

• or related fields of study Government Employee Housing Scheme Interns Ref No: DEVP/14/21/23

• National Diploma/B-Degree in: Software Development or related field of study Negotiations, Labour Relations & Dispute Management Interns. Ref No: DEVP/15/21/23

• National Diploma/B- Degree in Labour Relations/ LLB Knowledge Management Interns. Ref No: DEVP/16/21/23

• National Diploma/B-Degree in Communications E-enablement & Ict Infrastructure Management Interns. Ref No: DEVP/17/21/23

• National Diploma/B – Commerce Degree in Information Systems/B – Tech in Public Administration ICT Stakeholder Management Interns. Ref No: DEVP/18/21/23

• National Diploma/B- Degree in Information Technology (Systems Development) or related field of study Office of The Government Services Access & Improvement Interns Ref No: DEVP/19/21/23

National Diploma/B-Degree in: Office Management Institutional Assessments Interns. Ref No: DEVP/20/21/23

• B-Degree in Public / Business Administration

• B-Tech in Industrial Psychology/Organizational Development. Citizens Relations & Public Participation Interns.

National Diploma/ B-Degree in:

• Social Science

• Public Administration

• Development Science.

Please note the following: Applicants who have benefited from previous internship programme or have formal employment in any of the above fields will not be considered.


• Written and verbal communication skills

• Interpersonal skills

• Detail orientation

• Desire and potential to learn

• Self-motivated

• Prioritize tasks as needed.

How to apply? Applications must be submitted on the new Z83 and should be accompanied by copies of qualification(s), Identity Document and a comprehensive CV indicating duration of appropriate qualification and three reference persons with the following information: Name and contact numbers, an indication of the capacity in which the reference is known to the applicant.

NB. Only shortlisted candidates will be required to submit certified documents/copies on or before the day of the interviews.

CLOSING DATE: 03 January 2022

Applications, quoting the reference number, must be posted to: Department of Public Service and Administration, Private Bag X916, Pretoria 0001 or Hand delivered at: the Reception at Batho Pele House, 546 Edmond Street, Arcadia, Pretoria, 0001 For Attention: Mr. Lesiba Tloubatla Correspondence will be limited to shortlisted applicants. If you have not heard from us within three months after the closing date, please accept that your application was unsuccessful. Incomplete and late applications will not be considered. Applicants must apply for each Graduate Internship on a separate application form.

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